Tools for Conducting Online Surveys a Small Site Very Well

This is rather bad news, with some sites getting more and more of the lion’s share while others are struggling to appear on the front page. But it’s not the news that made the most noise. It seems that many SERPs have gone from 10 to only 7 results… In other words, if your site occupied positions between 8° and 10°, it was demoted to the second page. In other words, we are once again moving towards highlighting certain sites to the detriment of others. Fewer results per page from fewer sites. This change in the presentation of the SERPs, observed on a sample of searches, seems to be to the benefit of a main site each time.

Allowing to Carry Out and Publish a Poll

Most of the time, it is even linked to a particular brand. The focus is on results directly Benin Phone Number related to the company that offers the desired product, which does not seem illogical. Image blocks and other universal search elements can also disrupt the number of results displayed. This should shake up the traffic of many sites and blogs, it is to be closely monitored… The idea is of course to improve the relevance of the results displayed for Internet users by highlighting trusted sites. But if it comes at the expense of diversity, is it really a good idea? Apart from trying to consolidate the positions acquired in the search engines,

Four More Tools Covering All Your Online Survey

Benin Phone Number List
Benin Phone Number List

Pretty, fast and efficient,, somewhat in line with, will be your best ally for conducting an instant survey in seconds. No registration or setup required. Simply enter your question, the proposed answers, if it is a multiple choice question, then click on “create poll” and that’s it. You will get a short address allowing you to distribute your survey. The results page includes a visualization of the results in the form of a graph. You also have an HTML code to embed your survey on your blog for example.

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