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Sephora now also integrates its wishlist functionality and relies on Klarna for many other ideas. Carolyn Bojanowski, General Manager e-commerce of Sephora in the Unite States, summarizes it in these terms With Klarna, it’s not just about payment methods. What we really like is that we can rely on them for marketing and customer knowledge. Together we try new things and we are more creative. Web performance why it’s so important and how to optimize it By Noel Peix Boisdon – July , – schedule mins Touching a screen If you already have an online store, or are thinking of embarking on the adventure of e-commerce.

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Of the importance of performance. This corresponds, in general, to the loading speed of a web page .  and every year or so, new technical terms appear to try to quantify the performance of a website loading time, and more recently Time to First Byte ( TTFB ) or even First Contentful Paint ( FCP ) to name only the main ones. At first glance, these technical Spain Phone Numbers List terms may seem slightly barbaric, but rest assure, they are not that bad and only want your good and that of your customers. Why is performance so important for an online store? If today no one is surprise by a page that loads quickly, a page that loads slowly will be notice only too much, and we will quickly want to leave it before the content is even display on the screen.

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If it does n’t completely load in less than seconds . In the highly competitive e-commerce sector, where immediacy takes precedence, ensuring good DP Leads web performance is therefore essential to convert your visitors into customers, both on mobile and desktop. Indee, it is estimate that a gain of . second in the loading time of your e-commerce site can increase your conversion rate by % Three arguments for a better performance of your online store You will significantly improve the experience of your customers and thus naturally increase your conversion rate , You will gain in capacity to accommodate a maximum of simultaneous users , and thus avoid losing valuable customers in periods of high activity.

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