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In fact, the advice provided is generally based on my personal observation. These sneaky facts are not an invention, unfortunately they are a reality. Knowing whether the advice was given is in this sense impossible, it would be like determining which of the chicken or the egg came first. This is the whole problem, these facts treated in a humorous way are observed realities, whether behaviors or strategies. This may sound funny, but personally, I find it sad. Community managers meet the expectations of their hierarchy. Often the latter remains prostrate in the logic inherent in the printing press: I need to have an audience, a lot of audience.

In Your Opinion, Why Would Community

Social media respond to new mechanisms, linked to the relationship. I think Netherlands Phone Number List that the CMs who use fraudulent practices respond above all to the needs of their superiors, who seek to understand a quantitative result (number of followers for example), where the qualitative takes precedence (commitment of fans for example). Fraudulent practices can therefore produce good results, the latter being judged as good by a hierarchy that has not grasped the real issues. It’s dramatic, but it must be clearly understood that the CM does not generally have all the power and that it must above all meet internal expectations. I will therefore not really judge the CMs, even if some push the cork a little too far Maurice, but rather the organization and its inability to evolve in the face of a constantly changing environment.

How Do You View the Democratization of

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Netherlands Phone Number List

The democratization of a function for which it is easy to proclaim one’s membership is in this sense disturbing. Do you see a gardener who uses a garden hose every day suddenly call himself a firefighter and join a barracks? This is roughly the case here. A student with a blog, hop super CM. What would be good, before continuing this democratization of the function. Would perhaps be to define its role once and for all. Today, it’s a five-legged sheep that does everything and anything. In some cases he is a graphic designer, in other cases an editor, sometimes even a cameraman or an editor. He’s an intern? A cape? An external service provider? Which studies ? What baggage? What level of experience?

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