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There are two major types of indicators marketing performance indicators and sales performance indicators. Marketing key performance indicators The first performance indicators concern the functioning of your store and its visibility. To buy on your site, we still have to find it To access this data, we use dedicated measurement tools such as Google Analytics. Traffic and in particular the number of unique visitors . This data allows you to identify the number of potential customers and gain insight into the customer journey by analyzing the traffic on your strategic pages. The duration of visit.

This criterion is important for measuring

The time spent by your customers on a page. You can offer your customers purchasing guides or advice adapted to your catalog. The number of page views and the bounce rate are two criteria that again allow you to validate the performance of your site’s design. If your customer has to click too many times to find a product, the risk of abandonment Czech Republic Phone Number List will be high. Also monitor the bounce rate. If it is done before a conversion (purchase, registration, download, etc.), your page may not be clear enough. Your customer/prospect file. Unless your offer is unique with a very low renewal rate, building up a customer file is strategic. It is important to follow the progress of the number of registrants. Good to know To improve the performance of your site.

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You can use an AB testing tool to validate

The relevance of your pages and analyze the behavior of your customers. What is AB Testing? Sales key performance indicators Beyond sales, certain KPIs are essential to measure the performance of your business model, namely The conversion DP Leads rate = number of actions / number of visitors to your site x . This indicator measures the effectiveness of your site, i.e. the number of actions (depending on your offer sales, registrations, requests for quotes, creation of accounts, etc.) in relation to the number of visitors over a given period. This rate can be very different from one sector to another, or even from one segment to another. According to a Databox study, the merchants questioned estimate it for half of them between and % and for the other half between and %.

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