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Another idea, unlock your shopping cart the day before the sales. Your customers will only have to validate their order on D-Day Tip Monitor your emails and text messages Many councils invite consumers to monitor newsletters, emails or SMS from their favorite brands so as not to disperse, or even take advantage of exclusive offers reserved for loyal customers Why take the risk of disappointing them? We therefore note to inform its database of upcoming promotions, by slipping a reserved advantage. Tip Don’t look at the new collection Opinions all converge. especially for purchases in physical stores. Avoid tidy shelves that highlight the new collection So take the opposite course.

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In a dedicated section, remember to make contextual highlights to offer your new products with impactful visuals and catchphrases Tip Establish a budget For promotion addicts, sales are often synonymous with overdraft Hence the idea Belarus Phone Number List of ​​advising buyers to define a budget, or even agree to an amount not to be exceeded per product category.  of exceptional discounts, don’t forget to offer several payment solutions, including times free of charge, for example. Presta Shop Checkout Presta Shop Checkout Manage all types of payment, easily and securely To download Tip n° check the return conditions Impulse buying can lead to disappointment.

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Take care of your buying guides and the presentation of your products by offering several visuals. But above all, enhance your return management policy , like the SNCF, which has displayed its reimbursement policy since the start of the DP Leads health crisis. A non-negligible and loyalty-building element of reinsurance. Tip n° prepare your gifts The sales are also an opportunity to anticipate purchases for children who are growing up or simply to please. Again, journalists and bloggers recommend taking advantage of discounts to shop A good idea to follow also on the merchant side. Why not push messages to this effect to your customers, encourage advance purchases , by offering gift wrapping, or even message cards, including during sales periods. Merchants. you are also consumers.

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