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This first element is not strictly and only aesthetic, it can be an image just like a block of color. Good to know It is qualifie as good if it is done in less than. Seconds (TTFB include so we can estimate that the loading time of rendering-blocking files. Must be done in less than seconds. Tip Compress your HTML/CSS/JS files and limit render-blocking files. The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) The LCP is the second highlight for the user. This measurement includes most of the visible elements. This is when the web page takes shape and gets its final look or almost.

This step can turn out to be the longest

And cumbersome depending on the content to be display.  Here is an illustration Illustration of FCD timeline Good to know. It is qualifi as good if it is done in less than . seconds (just like the FCP) and acceptable up to seconds. Many studies show Switzerland Phone Numbers List that beyond seconds the bounce rate increases significantly. Tip Optimize images, generate several useful formats (jpeg , jpeg XR webp etc.), provide different sizes of your images in the HTML code, set up cache (browser and server). . The First Input Delay This indicator is relate to the interactivity of a page, it is the response time of the browser when an action is made on the first interactive element available.

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This is for example the moment when a link

A button is click. Good to know This indicator measures the time of frustration of a user , ie, the time during which an Internet user will wait before the DP Leads browser responds if he clicks on the first interactive element display . Time to Interactive This indicator is a bit obscure and often misinterprete. It measures the time elapse time from the beginning of the navigation until the resources of the page are load and the main thread of the browser is idle for at least seconds, i.e. there is no had no script execution longer than ms. Good to know Your e-commerce site can have good general performance, a good FID and, despite this, a bad Time to Interactive.

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