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When it comes to continuous advice for your company or business, it is recommende that it be close to your location to arrange personal interviews and; that can accompany you to the different procedures that you must carry out. With new technologies it is true that we can hire anyone; but if you are going to do this, keep in mind that the security of the communications made are correct . In many legal procedures we need absolute secrecy of communications. In fact, this secrecy is a right and a duty for the lawyer with his client. 4) Establish a first contact with him.

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Once you have narrowe down your decision to a few law firms that meet your expectations, it is best to arrange an interview or first consultation with them. In that first consultation you should look for trust and empathy . See if you both understand each other or the personality of each of you will constantly clash. In this first visit, present your Cayman Island Phone Number List case and your concerns, in this way you will be able to observe how your future defender treats the issues; What strategies does he advise to follow and if you connect to take that case. The first contact is vital to generate good expectations and to be able to trust that person. 5) Budget: When contracting any service, we not only have to look at the expectations it generates; as well as in the confidence that it generates in us.

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We also have to see if the budget that the lawyer has establish for his fees we can pay or not. Here we cannot say like other websites that cheap services can be expensive. Pricing freedom is already a reality and everyone can set the amount they deem appropriate. Price is never synonymous with good service . It even happens in the technological world, sometimes a device with better features costs less than another for the simple fact that it does not have a “brand”. Marketing also has to be paid for. For us, it is an accessory element, although logically an element to take into account when approving a service. 6) The lawyer must generate trust: As we have said before, the lawyer must build trust with his client. It is a right and in turn an obligation.

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