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A solution which also has the merit of lightening your server, the pages being already loaded at your client. As this benefit is increasingly popular, you have every interest in informing your customers of this beforehand, when sending your email to your database or by posting it on your site a few days before the fateful date Tip Avoid shopping cart abandonment Sales are impulse purchases that should not be missed. In this context, shopping cart abandonment is likely to be permanent. Drop-outs linked, as indicated by the majority of behavioral studies.

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Of free delivery for % of online buyers, delivery costs that are too high (for %) and communicated too late in the purchase path, and finally the terms of payment. Indeed, it should be noted that % of Internet users give up their online purchases if their favorite means of payment is not accepted. If these three criteria are, in any case, to be taken into account to Colombia Mobile Number List optimize your conversion rate, they are decisive during the sales period. How have private sales revolutionized French online commerce? By Yves Attias – June , How have private sales revolutionized French online commerce? The first online private sales sites were born in the early s. A simple tool for destocking, this form of e-commerce quickly became a real phenomenon.

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What is an online private sale

Who are the major market players ? What is the associated business model ? Why is it attractive for e-merchants? Let’s do a check in. What is an DP Leads online private sale? A private sale is an event organized by an independent brand or store , access to which is granted only to certain prospects or customers who have received an invitation. The goal is to sell products at bargain prices , giving guests a sense of exclusivity. The sale generally takes place in the business premises or in a place reserved for the occasion, at well-determined times. Online, the principle remains the same, except that customers take advantage of promotions from home by making purchases remotely.  Internet users must follow the procedure which consists of registering on a list , in order to then obtain a password.

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