To Allow Them To Put Aside Their Favorite Product

Facebook and Instagram guarantee you a real strike force on an acquired and buying audience. Pinterest is a network to be favored upstream of the sales, during the scouting period… Finally, TikTok will be particularly suitable for a young target. To stand out in this period of high demand, pay particular attention to the choice of visuals (favor products representative of your brand), the writing of the catchphrases and clearly announce the reduction amounts. Tip Build loyalty At the heart of your range of promotional tools email.

This is the preferred way to activate

Your database and solicit your customers upstream, a target clientele who already knows your brand or your products. Don’t hesitate to reserve them the scoop, by organizing private sales before the official dates or an exclusive advantage, such as free delivery or a discount code guaranteeing them an additional discount. An attention to also share with your Chile Phone Number List followers on your social networks. Tip Encourage impulse purchases To stimulate impulse purchases, consider displaying the number of products in stock. By indicating the quantity of products available in a clear way, the consumer becomes aware of the risk of rupture. This technique declines the FoMO syndrome (Fear of missing out) which exploits a psychological mechanism.

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The fear of missing something

Likewise, you can support your most attractive offers, in the form of flash sales, limited in time. Thus, you benefit from two levers, urgency and scarcity. Promotions and discounts ( x , discounts, offers, packs Promotions and reductions ( x , discounts, offers, packs) Increase your profits, offer attractive discounts to your customers Increase your sales with DP Leads promotions that encourage purchase Increase your average basket by incentivizing to buy more items to get more discounts. To download Tip n° favor the anticipation of purchases A large majority of Internet users prepare their purchases to make the most of seasonal sales.  in the right size or in the color of their choice, remember to unlock your shopping cart. Your buyers will be able to anticipate their order the day before and validate it at the first hour of the sales.

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