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All with the same promise, although Weezy keeps it at 15 minutes and Zapp talks about ‘less than 20 minutes. Of course, these parties can never all become big in the Netherlands, so this will be a big battle. How do they manage it? When Gorilla’s first Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List showed up at my door, I thought ‘they do the shopping for you.

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They do some shopping with their shopping cart at the nearest store and then race to your house. Just like the concept of GrabGroceries, a party that is active in Thailand. They deliver within an hour and do your shopping at your favorite store. But Gorillas and Flink seem to work differently. Gorillas and Flink operate their own small distribution centers which they call ‘dark stores’. Do you live within a maximum of 10 minutes by bike from such a mini-warehouse?

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There are no minimum order costs. But you do pay standard €1.80 delivery costs. It is, therefore, possible to order 1 banana, if you have an extra €1.80 to spare. Map of where Flink delivers in Delft. Source: How tenable is this concept? Making a profit on such small orders, without a minimum order value is that even possible?

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