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JavaScripts to the loading and to delete the scripts not necessary for the display page so as not to clutter the main thread. This therefore requires you to segment your code well. Here is a timeline more representative of the delay between indicators. Here is a timeline of a good student site (according to Google’s criteria) Example of good website performance for Google Bonus indicator Spee ​​Index or SI This indicator is not present in the list because it is an indicator that is highly dependent on the FCP and LCP, which themselves depend on the TTFB.

It is the result of a calculation base

On the speed and progressiveness of displaying the visible part of the page (above the waterline ). It therefore measures what the Internet user (potentially) feels while loading, just like the FID it is one of the newer UX indicators that Google uses for SEO. Conclusion Each indicator is impact by the previous indicator, which makes them all important. As mention Argentina Mobile Number List at the beginning, the TTFB is particularly important and very fluctuating since it depends on the quality of your hosting and the traffic, a bad TTFB can therefore drastically affect the performance of your site. This is an indicator that is not often given by most performance measurement tools (Page Speed ​​Insights, GtMetrix) because it is a complex and obscure step that can quickly become very technical (hence the difficulty to access and interpret information for non-experts.

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This is when you can call on specialize services

For example the PrestaShop Platform offer if you are working with a PrestaShop site. Strong arm on screen PrestaShop Platform , a service that supports you in the growth of your store A specialize Prestashop dedicate hosting solution with DP Leads environments An interface with technical and clear KPIs An interface to manage your environments (dev / pre-production and production) Simplified environment migrations Accompaniment with support for more serenity Why use Google Ads? By Hao Xu – July , Why use Google Ads? A new PrestaShop store? If you have already finishe adding all your products, their prices, descriptions, payment methods and delivery process, now you are ready to start selling online.

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