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As the question itself describes, the portable payment provided by mobile payment to users is only an appearance, but in essence is an innovation in the field of rural Whatsapp Mobile Number List medical services. A successful Internet product must satisfy the “law of conservation of value”. While satisfying the user value, it must also satisfy the commercial value. If a product only meets the needs of users without creating value for the company, it is a failure; if a product only meets the business interests of the company without creating value for users, it is immoral.

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As Wen Ming, a Chinese business top-level design coach, said. “The improvement of business value comes from innovation at four core levels. Strategy, model, execution and system, strategy guides direction. Model design strategy, execution determines performance. And Whatsapp Mobile Number List system determines security.” The strategic level ben determined, and the business model under “people and services” needs to enter the existing service model to optimize and improve. And establish a model. Execution and systems are the work that product managers need to think about and be responsible for. And this is also the purpose of this question. What do you think are good scenarios for you as a product manager in. Tencent’s next strategic direction of entering the field of “people and services”?

For a Taxi in the Future

Whatsapp Mobile Number List
Whatsapp Mobile Number List

Questions and Answers Now that the Whatsapp Mobile Number List direction of “people and service”  bn established, let’s understand what “service” is. The definition of service is: doing things for others and meeting the needs of others. People only seek services when they have clear needs, and services are strongly demand-oriented. When people have the need to change jobs, they will look for headhunters to find their favorite company for themselves. Instead of doing a good job in the existing position, they suddenly look for headhunters. Similarly, people will go to headhunting companies and seek headhunting services only when they have self-realization needs, that is, better development opportunities, or physical needs, that is, wealth needs, and want higher wages. Then it is necessary to use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to analyze people’s needs when they seek services.

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