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Push or give space? What is the effect of this on the performance of the team and the company? Integrate Into every collaboration, a field of Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List tension arises between two human movements: towards and away from each other. You want to belong to the group, but you also don’t want to lose your individuality.

For optimal performance Year Hundreds

It is important that the team is diverse and integrates optimally. How inclusive do you behave? How do you arrive at win-win situations? Loving & Letting Go What do you love and want to bring to life even more? What yields little and it is better to let go? It’s about making the right decisions. In this way, you and the team come closer and closer to inspiration. These are the eight steps of the COCKTAIL method.

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Year Hundreds with gaze cueing

By going through these steps you will learn how inspiration starts with yourself and how you can incorporate it into your work. Although I find the term ‘inspiration’ vague, I do notice that the book made me think. I do a lot of things without thinking about it. It’s been agreed upon. Everyone does it like that, so so am I. I often run on autopilot and that’s no fun.

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