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Most marketing efforts are split into branding or performance marketing. But is the line between these two terms correct? Let’s take a look at both Chile WhatsApp Number List first so we’re all on the same page. brand marketing Marketing that influences the general public perception of your brand. Classic examples are Red Bull as an extreme sports brand and Nike which identifies.

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Marketing that is directly responsible for results in the form of leads, sales, or has a measurable impact on the public’s willingness to buy. Classic examples are Booking, Coolblue, and Zalando. They grew into their current form solely through performance marketing. (Yes, it’s true. Now that they have capital, they also invest in branding.) Okay, we’ve already done it above, but splitting these two is an outdated approach.

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Do we want to Train more?

To make marketing future-proof? Then a different approach is needed. Before we take such a drastic step, let’s first look at the cause of the current split. What led to the difference between the two? madmen vs. Math Men Ever since advertising was a ‘thing’, we’ve seen companies promote themselves through branding campaigns.

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