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Web 2.0 tools, especially social networks, very quickly appeared to be the best tools to meet these objectives. They facilitate direct exchanges and interactions, allow a strong reactivity and are now accessible and used by a very large number of students and young graduates. We have chosen Facebook as the preferred exchange platform, which is now popular with young people aged 15 to 35 who connect to it several times a day. The opportunity offered by social networks such as Facebook was still little exploited from an HR point of view by companies in France. In the end, the “editorial line” of our Danone Jobs fan page continues to be “co-constructe.

The Interest for Us Is to Be Able

With students and recent graduates according to their questions and the subjects they Hungary Phone Number wish to address. The interest for us is to be able to listen to what students and young graduates can say directly about our “employer brand” while having the ability to be able to provide them with answers very quickly and this with the most transparent possible discourse. by hiring managers who are, ultimately, the company’s best ambassadors. Since the creation of this page barely 2 years ago, the number of Internet “fans” of Danone Jobs has continued to increase to reach more than 6,000 currently registered with peak usage of up to 3,000. Internet users who view the page in one day. The questions on the “Wall” of the page then multiply.

Interests Us About Them, Beyond Thei

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Hungary Phone Number List

The questions on the “Wall” of the page then multiply: they essentially relate to. The opportunities that Danone offers, the means of applying for them. The deadlines for responding to an application, etc. And the whole challenge consists in not letting this page turn into a long list of questions to. Which Internet users could find answers on the Careers page of our. The real added value that can be found in the animation of conversations on social networks around. The employer brand lies more in the substantive exchanges and debates that we can engage with students and recent graduates, such as those whom we had on the perception of the commercial profession or even access to large companies for university profiles.

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