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The carriers of the network are all professional transport companies. Register in the official register of freight carriers.  Of the delivery procedures of partner businesses. Additional options can be activate depending on the type of product. Such as handling, home delivery, round trip for exchange, product return pick up at home. Payment by TPE at the doorstep, insurance on the value of the goods transport. This is the element that must be at the heart of your marketing strategy. Highlighting it on your homepage will help convince the buyer to buy your product. Use your keywords and use your semantic audit.

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All these solutions are put in place with the main objective of satisfying consumers, in order to build their loyalty and to grow merchants’ business. Régis Godon, founder of Ailleurs, a furniture and decorative object store in Paris, testifies about the service “My customers make their purchases on my PrestaShop site, and the professional carriers of deliver them Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List within hours. , including furniture. The service was launch very quickly thanks to the free turnkey module. » PrestaShop Addons – Immediate courier delivery or by appointment Adopt local delivery, which boosts turnover and customer loyalty, and which contributes to the development of the economic fabric of your city local businesses and carriers.

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Thanks to its SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution “Mothership” and its network of professional subcontractors, enables brands to deploy and manage their same-day delivery service by relying on their outlets. They reduce their transport DP Leads times and their logistics costs, and their customers benefit from an unparallel shopping experience. To find out more and start your delivery service, create your account here .content. Go for the simplest and most effective. By making the reading of your page fluid, you also reduce the loading time of this one. You can even optimize your images by reducing their size and weight. A long loading time scares away users and penalizes your site for Google robots. Optimize your page for keywords The second tip is to present your unique and clear value proposition.

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