These Mistakes Can Only Be Avoided

In order to respond to these requirements, an it press advisory service was created. Which is provided by communication professionals with extensive experience in the technological market. Interaction with the media cannot just involve buying advertising space. Imagine explaining the advantages of using analytical tools, data visualization. What it is and why a company should implement a crm or an erp… It press office aims to give visibility to “technological” in the media these are topics that need to be well explained. Something that can only be achieved with an article written by a journalist.

Some so-called «classic» mistakes are to be avoided in the construction of emails with press releases for journalists . Incorrect names, multiple and repetitive emails. Non-personalized submissions are half the battle for your media communication to end up in a recycling bin. Not knowing how to say “no” it is difficult for most press agencies to avoid this mistake. As they are ‘formatted’ to get interviews, media news and ‘buzz’ around their media clients. However, for a report that is not framed in the company’s strategy. That comes with inappropriate timing or the wrong focus, can and should be refused. To learn more about technology press services, schedule a meeting with outmarketing. But, in areas such as information technologies, the work of the press office is especially demanding.

This Would Completely Discredit

It is not acceptable that, despite being in the summer holidays or christmas season, a journalist takes more than a day to receive a response or a callback. Flowers, they VP Communications Officer Email Lists have to be ‘watered’ continuously in order to remain ‘vicious’. Ignoring an “exclusive” is a paddle error for those who don’t know, an ‘exclusive’ is to give a journalist or media outlet exclusive access to a news item or an interview. Usually, the “exclusives” refer to interviews with prominent personalities or to “bombastic” news, but the concept is also applicable to the business area or the information technology market, for example. Any department or press agency specializing in the it market should pay attention to this variable. Something that increasingly irritates journalists .

Dangers of an ill-prepared spokesperson or media relations with the media must be extremely well prepared. An unprepared, bored or hesitant media relations can destroy an interview before it even starts. Before any contact with the media by the press office team or agency, with the necessary information about the company, product or service that will work. In relations with journalists media relations. Responding in time to requests from journalists is essential and anyone working in the press office has to accept this as an undeniable truth.

The Person Responsible For Relations

Here we list some of press office strategy. Lack of coordination between the press office, sales and marketing harms relations with the media the disclosure of a service or product should not be done before its launch. On the other hand, a press release with outdated information cannot be sent to the media. Relations with journalists. If there is a close collaboration between the planning of actions with the media, marketing planning and sales. All changes regarding launches, new products, events or prices must be communicated to the team or agency responsible for media relations.

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