Their Use Can Be Occasional Or Intermittent

But also daily. Process your data for a quality database. In order to make your data usable, they must be Create And structure Then enrich. Resulting from a reflection on the actions you wish to carry out, this recurring and essential work must be carrie out with consistency over time and in an efficient manner. If these actions cannot be processe easily and quickly , it is a safe bet that, through discouragement , lack of time or pressure , the quality of the data will deteriorate . In the absence of data processing and structuring, in fact, irregularities or ambiguities may appear and make it difficult to understand the data, and ultimately to make your sales.

For example you might be face

With inconsistent information on similar products from different vendors, changing SEO recommendations over time, partially complete fields, lack of flexibility to change prices and then adjust them to time for good responsiveness, or poor Japan Phone Number List treatment of customer information. All this information appears in your PrestaShop, it is up to you to organize it to put it at the service of your operation. Handle your data well for optimal use. In concrete terms, what does this essential step consist of? It is a question of identifying recurring needs in order to automate or carry out in mass actions which are by nature daunting , not very creative of value, but essential for the good execution of the exploitation of the site.

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Their proper implementation

Will directly impact the performance of your PrestaShop and the productivity of the teams . We can quote in a non-exhaustive way Mass creation DP Leads of your catalog from product repositories The structuring of product data SEO optimization (complete meta tags, image compression, image naming) Quick identification of easy-to-correct errors (such as the existence of a product sheet without an image, duplicate EAN code, empty product category), The organization of your catalog (categories, variants, associate products) The programming of your promotions (mass calculation, implementation of rounding, preview of your margins) Reminders of abandone carts according to define criteria The organization of logistics (daily generation of picking sessions to prepare shipments, etc.

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