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Social networks indirectly help position your content in search engines. In them you can also invest in advertising to acquire subscribers or promote discounts, etc. Remember that digital marketing has the advantage that everything is measurable. Web analytics can be done even with high volumes of data (Big Data). Conclusions when creating a brand image of your law firm Throughout this article, we have expose the main advantages of creating a brand image for your law firm. Practically these advantages can also be applie to other professional sectors; but we have made this emphasis on the legal sector because there are very few who dare to create a business brand.

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At first it is good that you specialize in one subject or several jurisdictions; but in reality what is good is that you really dedicate yourself to what you like. If you hate criminal law, then do not bet on this specialization. The problem of Australia Phone Number List specialization If you like all branches of law, you can specialize in all of them. Logically it will take you longer to master them and; probably little by little you will have to neglect some branch of law because you do not have enough time to update yourself . For example, I am a person who has travel through different professional sectors: history with a specialization in archaeology; graphic design and digital marketing and now tax advice. Each occupation has help me acquire skills and techniques that I can apply in my business today.

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I flee from super specializations because I consider that many times it is the laziness of certain people who do not want to control many professional aspects because it takes a long time to update and stay current. For example, in my case I am passionate about SEO , history and law. Every week I update my knowledge by reading the MOZ change bulletin or following Romuald Fons. I know that now I am more of a legal professional, and I am studying several specialization courses (civil and commercial mediation; Tax Expert Judicial Expertise; etc.), but that does not mean that I cannot also carry out other areas of law or marketing. digital.

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