This Is The Time

What’s good to know is that for several years now, about 70 to 80 percent of all searches on Amazon have been unbranded. A great opportunity for smaller brands, but also for larger brands that want to start in a new European market. The opportunities are Venezuela WhatsApp Number List increased because marketplaces are increasingly used as an orientation platform in addition to a purchase platform.

The Time Visibility on Amazon

Therefore, means that you are directly present in two important phases of the customer journey. Which is also of added value for your brand experience. If you want to achieve this visibility with your own webshop and marketing, this will cost considerably more time, energy, and money. 2. Claim your brand with Amazon Brand Registry Home Amazon brand registry.

Venezuela WhatsApp Number List

A successful brand policy The Time

Amazon depends on registering your brand via Brand Registry. You can register your trademark on Amazon free of charge based on your trademark registration with various European trademark registers. Including BOIP (Benelux Intellectual Property Office) and EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). After registration, you will have access to multiple tools to help you build and protect your brand.

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