The Swear Words of Greg Frite Swag of Nowhere and

There are words that come out of nowhere and, in just a few weeks, rise to the top of hashtags and searches on the web. Neologisms or old expressions that come to light, their paths and life cycles are interesting to decipher. Especially since not everyone is equal in front of these newcomers. Whoever has never found himself in total incomprehension before the use of a word by one of his friends throws the first stone. It is on this concept that Greg Frite based his new 100% web show. 

Continuation of Our Series on the Use of

A member of the cult group Triptik and hyper-active on social media who never misses Afghanistan Phone Number List an opportunity to create an event, he offers in “Les gros mots de Greg Frite” to discover the meaning of a word every week. Everything is rapped with style and elegance. The word of the day is swag. A symbolic representative of and vocabulary both used and mocked. Before devoting a full interview to Greg Frite in the coming days on his use of social media as an artist, we are already suggesting that you discover this premiere. To consume without moderation !

An Important Task Since It

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Afghanistan Phone Number List

Continuation of our series on the use of social media in French companies. Today we welcome one of the most important brands in France, namely Orange. It was Lionel Fumado, well-known Social Media Manager of the ecosystem, who lent himself to the exercise of the interview. He is part of the web and social media division of the France Telecom Orange Group, a team of 5 people who work specifically on blogs and social media. An important task, since it includes monitoring the corporate image in all Orange countries, i.e. 35. This includes the Community Management of the corporate pages and the support of the CMs in the different countries . The activity is also linked to

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