The Short Video Taiwan Cell Phone Number Situation Is Gradually

In the short video comprehensive community where the battle is the most fierce. Various platforms are currently subsidizing Taiwan Cell Phone Number content producers regardless of cost, but if only relying on subsidies is obviously not a long-term solution. How to build a reasonable business ecosystem, grasp the relationship with “Internet Taiwan Cell Phone Number celebrities” “The relationship between them is the key to determining the Taiwan Cell Phone Number outcome in the future. In April 2017. The May launch plan of the short video social application “Volcano Short Video” broke out on the Internet. In this plan. The accumulative cost of star entry exceede 30 million yuan, of which MC Tianyou’s offer was as high as 20 million.

In the Short Taiwan Cell Phone Number Video .

In fact, the war came much earlier than expecte. Since the second half of 2016, the short video industry has begun to brew a super storm. In September 2016, Toutiao announce a special subsidy of 1 billion yuan for short videos. And Taiwan Cell Phone Number at the same time incubate three short video products internally to prepare for the short video war. In October of the same year. Sina investe US$320 million in Miaopai, and Miaopai Taiwan Cell Phone Number became the official short video tool of Sina Weibo. In March 2017. Tencent announce Taiwan Cell Phone Number a US$350 million investment in Kuaishou, and in April. Ali helpe “Tudou” fully turn to the short video industry. In just 9 months, giants such as Baidu, Alibaba. Tencent, and Sina are aggressive.

In Fact, the Taiwan Cell Phone Number War Came.

Taiwan Cell Phone Number
Taiwan Cell Phone Number

Today’s Toutiao, Alibaba, Sina Weibo, and Meitu Xiuxiu each incubate their products to participate in the battle. While Tencent and Baidu operate behind the scenes in the form of investment holdings. Everyone knows that short videos will definitely be the future. So what does this future look like? Let’s take a look at what the Taiwan Cell Phone Number short video industry has to play 01Three ways to play in the short video industry We divide the players in the short video industry into three types:Short video comprehensive community Taiwan Cell Phone Number Short video social platform Tool-type short video application 1. Short video Taiwan Cell Phone Number comprehensive community This type of product builds a comprehensive short video content consumption platform base on massive content. The content is mainly PUGC, and the general duration is more than 1 minute.

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