The Shared Bicycle Qatar Cell Phone Number Battle Is Escalating

In the first place, The share bicycle competition is the result of the number of bicycles. Average turnover rate, offline operation efficiency and financing. Blindly laying more bicycles, eyes smeare, is more like a “suicide shop” . Without intelligent  Qatar Cell Phone Number technical support and visual operation. The more you lay, the bigger the hole, the faster you die! On June 19, Zhu Xiaohu, founder of Jinsha River Ventures, excitedly  Qatar Cell Phone Number forwarde a report issue by a third-party data agency “iResearch: ofo’s active users. User growth  Qatar Cell Phone Number rate far behind Mobike, ranking first” in the circle of friends. . Ma Huateng finally couldn’t help but respond: “From the perspective of WeChat payment. Mobike is more than twice as high.

The Share  Qatar Cell Phone Number Bicycle Competition.

However, Every move of the “Orange War” affects the nerves of the public. The screenshots of the two big bosses who share the bicycles. Are the first to instantly explode the circle of friends. There were heate debates on three issues: the data  Qatar Cell Phone Number dispute of share bicycles, the intelligent dispute of ofo’s small yellow cars And whether more paving is the key to victory. (The picture comes from the circle of friends) Next. The author  Qatar Cell Phone Number will give a detaile interpretation of these three disputes for everyone. Debate 1: Ofo or Mobike’s user data, which one is more powerful? After staying in the Internet circle for a long time. The reports  Qatar Cell Phone Number issue by third-party data agencies can only be use as a reference.

Every Move  Qatar Cell Phone Number of the.

 Qatar Cell Phone Number
Qatar Cell Phone Number

As soon as, The “far throw” really surprise the author! Axing quickly opene the “iResearch Index” to confirm that the two users of the app’s monthly active independent. Devices and daily active devices are roughly the same. And even Mobike’s app is  Qatar Cell Phone Number ahead of ofo’s app in terms of monthly data time. Base on this inference, Zhu Xiaohu forwarde the PR draft that should be ofo, and single out ofo’s leading Mobike App in the growth rate  Qatar Cell Phone Number of daily active independent devices! (Please read the blue curve above the screenshot of the iResearch Index carefully, and then you will understand what ofo is referring to)(Data source  Qatar Cell Phone Number iResearch Index) The app has long been not the only traffic entry to open a bicycle. Taking the author’s riding habits as an example.

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