The Second Half Malaysia Cell Phone Number of Knowledge Payment

For the knowledge payment platform, on the one hand, it is necessary to pay close attention to the head content so that users are intereste in participating in it. And at the same time, there must be a matching of market mechanisms to ensure that this market has sustainable development and long-term vitality. The trend of paying for Malaysia Cell Phone Number knowledge has been stirring for more than a year. And it is entering a period of rational maturity from the barbaric stage of savage growth. From Zhihu Live to’s “in line” and “Fence”, from Luo Zhenyu’s “get” platform to Himalaya’s paid audio. The content payment model has been verifie, and the Malaysia Cell Phone Number competition among various platforms has become more intense. There are many reasons for the popularity of knowledge payment: on the one hand, the threshold for information production has been lowere.

for the Knowledge Malaysia Cell Phone Number Payment .

On the other hand, in the mobile Internet era, users have more fragmente time, and users hope to use these fragmente time to learn and obtain as high-quality or valuable content as possible. From the audience’s point of view. The prevailing middle-class anxiety drives people to improve their core competitiveness by Malaysia Cell Phone Number investing in themselves, and the driving effect of content consumption upgrades provides demand soil for knowledge payment. In addition, the current self-media platforms and knowledge communities have cultivate a large number of IPs that manage knowledge and fans who are willing to pay. The Malaysia Cell Phone Number habit of mobile payment has been forme, and the door to the knowledge payment market has opene with a bang. At present. knowledge payment is in full swing. And products under the banner of “knowledge payment” emerge in An endless stream, but each has its own characteristics.

On the Other Malaysia Cell Phone Number Hand.

Malaysia Cell Phone Number
Malaysia Cell Phone Number

In addition to the first echelon, the two giants of Weibo and WeChat are also coveting this cake. In addition. There are also emerging niche platforms such as Qianchao, Xiaomiquan, Rice Ball, Xiaogetong, and Wenshi. According to Malaysia Cell Phone Number data.  As of March 2017, the market size of knowledge payment (excluding online education) is 10 billion to 15 billion yuan. In general, each company in the first echelon has its own characteristics from product features to payment models. Himalaya FM and the column you get are paid Malaysia Cell Phone Number subscriptions. And Zhihu Live is paid for online salons. Himalaya FM and Dragonfly FM have seize people’s demand for audio and revive it with the help of knowledge payment. Himalaya FM has entere the first echelon by binding Miguo Culture’s “Speak Well” and “Little Questions”. .

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