The Relationship of Technology

Credibility and a capital of respect and reference among the public. Whether general or specialized. That other channels do not have nor will ever have. In the first place. Because they are made by accredited and trained professionals who have a code of ethics that they have sworn to comply with. Secondly. Because the information is processed. Sorted and independent. Being safe from interests of various kinds: political. Economic. Sporting. Religious. Etc. It will therefore be consensual that the media continue to earn a reputation and notoriety that makes them extremely desirable as channels of influence and propagation of company messages. Taking into account all these data and trends.

As a result of the greater dispersion of advertising investment. The truth is that the media continue to play a key role. In terms of source of information and influence. Perhaps even more so. At a time when disinformation is so much debated. On the heels of successive scandals related to the so-called fake news. There are even many experts who argue that the media will play a much more important role in the coming years. It is well established that newspapers. Magazines. Information portals. Tvs. Radios and other media have a reach.

Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

Customers and fans of brands and companies; mailings and newsletters. Which allow for more targeted communication. Regardless of all these channels. Boosted by the explosion of the digital universe and its transformation and adaptation to the business market. There is a communication Partners Email Address vector that continues to be essential and that deals with both the online and offline world. We are talking about the press office. Of course. Does the press office continue to be important in the world of digital marketing? No matter how many communication channels companies and other institutions have at their disposal. And despite the evident economic decline in the media market.

Especially it companies. Have several communication channels available to communicate with the market. Whether customers. Potential customers. Partners. Followers. Fans or the general public. In addition to institutional websites. Which are increasingly evolved. User-friendly and responsive. It companies now have blogs where they can post various types of posts. From information of general interest to thematic articles or even news. This without forgetting the social networks that continue to be one of the main channels of communication with the communities of followers.

Companies with the Media

Don’t cross your arms in front of you be aware of the journalist’s question show with your eyes what you’re feeling try to be comfortable in front of the camera avoid “discursive bengals” (ex. Huuum) don’t read papers while talking avoid constantly lowering your gaze while speaking or letting your gaze wander do not exaggerate gestures and facial expressions don’t turn the chair avoid looking directly into the camera don’t forget: you are the representative of the company. Therefore. Above all. Speak the truth with enthusiasm and confidence !it is evident that today companies.

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