The rash appears in various stages, often starting on the face and then spreading

Most common on the face (95%), palms and soles (75%). The rash varies from maculopapular (lesions with a flat bottom) to vesicles (fluid-filled vesicles), pustules, and scabs in about 10 days, and the scabs take about 3 weeks to. Completely disappear. Some patients develop severe lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes) before the rash, which can help identify monkeypox because other similar diseases do not have this feature. Asymptomatic infection may occur. With severe symptoms in children Monkeypox is usually a self-limiting disease14-21 days; severe cases are more common in children, and the severity is related to the level of exposure to the virus,

The patient’s health status, and the severity of complications

People living in or near forested areas may be exposed to infected animals. Indirectly or at low concentrations, resulting in asymptomatic infection. Mortality rates in monkeypox epidemics vary widely, with less than 10% of recorded cases, mainly in young children. In general, younger age groups seem to be more prone to monkeypox. Smallpox Morocco Phone Number vaccine reduces symptoms without effective treatment There is currently no specific drug or vaccine against monkeypox, but the outbreak can be controlled. Although vaccination against smallpox has been shown in the past to be 85% effective against monkeypox, the smallpox vaccine is no longer. Available to the general public following the global eradication of smallpox; previous vaccination against smallpox may reduce monkeypox symptoms. In Africa, monkeypox is found in a variety of animals,

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Including rope squirrels squirrel giant gambian rats

striped mice, dormouse, and primates. The natural history of the virus is still questionable. And further research is needed to determine the exact host of monkeypox virus and the survival of the virus in nature. In the United States, the virus is thought to have spread from African animals to other. Susceptible animals (such as prairie dogs) with which it was housed. Prevent monkeypox and reduce the risk of infection in the population. During a monkeypox outbreak, close contact with other patients is the most important risk factor for monkeypox virus transmission. In the absence of specific

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