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How to get a total permanent disability? To get a total permanent disability? How to get absolute disability How to get a disability? The importance of hiring a labor lawyer or a social graduate for your company The importance of hiring a labor lawyer or a social graduate for your company How is Permanent Disability requeste? Although there are several types of Permanent Disability, the application process is practically the same for each of them.

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The start of the process: prepare the necessary documentation The beginning of the process of requesting a Permanent Disability must be initiate through an instance that can be requeste by the worker himself; or by the INSS or the Cuba Email List¬†corresponding Mutual. Logically, this instance must also contain a series of documentation to start the application process for Permanent Work Incapacity . In all cases, the following must be submitte: The applicant’s ID ; and if there is a legal representative (social graduate, lawyer or labor consultant) you must also attach your own ID. If this legal representative is due to disability or for being a guardian due to being a minor emancipate minor, the documentation proving said circumstances must be provide.

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The clinical history . And a certificate from the Civil Registry in case there has been an abortion of a pregnancy of more than six months or the death of the newborn has occurre in the first 24 hours after birth. If the permanent disability has occurre as a result of an accident at work , in addition to this basic documentation, you must provide: 1) The administrative part of the work accident or occupational disease . In said document, the contingency suffere by the intereste party must appear. 2) A certificate issue by the company , specifying the salary receive by the worker in the previous year. If the Disability has not been the result of an accident at work or professional illness, it will be necessary to present: A document that justifies the payment of the contributions.

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