The Press Release Is There A Designated?

Disclose the news that is published by the media on the website and on social networks: Place the clipping on the website and select the one that is in fact very relevant and prestigious also on social networks and e-newsletter. Typically after the publication of impactful news, the repercussion on the website (visits) and on social networks (followers/shares) is remarkable, so take advantage of the opportunity! Build a Press Room: With the availability of a Press Room and its continuous updating, in addition to the “service” provided to the media (saving time and work in exchange for emails and phone calls with information that can be centralized and accessible at anytime and anywhere).

There are also advantages in terms of SEO and the demonstration of dynamism to other targets of the company. Of course, content is king and it has to be interesting. Relevant and useful to the respective audience, otherwise none of the above makes sense. The media live on news – they continually need and look for news, articles and facts relevant to their target. On the other hand, the business world has a dynamic that represents an inexhaustible source of information. Realizing what this information can really be news is the challenge. The role of the Press Officer – filtering, making it attractive, facilitating and making. The link between what the company has and what the media is looking for.

The Data Present Correctly Reported?

For example, if it’s a press release about a big project implemented in the health sector in the area of ​​Business Intelligence, give it a more educational perspective and turn it into a blog post ; repurpose it for a SlideShare presentation or an infographic; make a summary for social VP Safety Email List networks and create a new cover photo with the customer’s testimonial; share it as a success story in the periodic e-newsletter; adapt it for a focused lead nurturing campaign (aimed at potential customers in the same industry and with the same type of challenges) with a call-to-action for a landing page , organize a webinar… The press release is not a static document and works in several ways, all online.

Good news, inspiring examples, innovation, recognition and success of companies, products, know-how and national “brains” in the global market are always the focus of special attention, particularly in times of difficult economic climate in that we are all eager for positive messages. In our experience, and working only with IT clients/companies, we present some examples of topics with potential journalistic interest: 1. Opening an Office, mainly in a foreign market It demonstrates the vision, ambition, growth of the company and its investment across borders – Share the reason for opening in that location, how many employees will be allocated (recruitment of new employees or travel from Portugal).

The Release A Description Of The Company?

If there is already business in that geography. The type of customers that the company will address, the focus in terms of supply and, in terms of numbers. What investment the opening of the office entailed and what is the expected turnover for the first year of activity. Bet / International Growth Technological companies start their internationalization process at an earlier age. Consolidating their presence in different geographies. With great success – Share how much the international business represents in the company’s turnover. Which are the main projects won abroad, which countries the company is/will address. The expected opening of new offices (when and where).

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