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Buttons are not in logical places and menu items are hidden. The old version of Bing Webmaster Tools also had this problem. Fortunately, they have tinkered with this and I can only say that this is a big improvement. The navigation is Kuwait WhatsApp Number List clear, simple, and organized from features you need most to those you rarely use.

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In addition to the new functionalities, the tool also has a ‘search performance’ report, where you can see which search terms you are found for, how many clicks you have had, and in which position the relevant term is located. You can also use Bing Webmaster Tools for keyword research because it contains a variant of the Google Keyword Planner. Adding a sitemap is also very easy and allows Bing to index all your URLs.

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There is also a report where you can see at which times your website receives the most visitors. Don’t miss out Despite the fact that Bing’s market share in the Netherlands is about 5%, this is certainly not a tool to ignore. In a few clicks, you have imported all accounts from Google Search Console. By adding the sitemap in Bing, you ensure that the search engine picks up changes and new links faster.

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