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You can grow as far, as when, and where you want. You have to be smart about that. Unbridled growth causes damage. Suppose you take out a hefty business loan, you hire staff and your growth choice goes wrong? Now say South Korea WhatsApp Number List yourself. Not everyone is a Jumbo who, on the takeover path, buys La Place (new customer segment) and Smulweb.

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And certainly, not everyone is a Virgin to grow from a mail-order company selling LPs to a holding company with trains, planes, health programs, and gaming products and services. Also read: Do you really want to become GDPR-proof? Employees are the most important link But this is the way to stay at the top of your industry.

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Innovate and look for new products, services, and markets as healthy growth paths. Step 2: Create your own growth formula Depending on your own organization, market, innovative capacity, and competencies, you make an estimate of which growth paths are most successful in your situation. That is step 2. According to the two professors, you determine this by answering four apparently simple questions.

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