The Last One Russia Cell Phone Number Comes First

No matter which field it is, when it develops to a certain extent. Whether it is a “spoiler” from other fields or a “disruptor” from its own field. The market will always enter a period of “dancing in shackles”. period. On May 6, 36kr release the annual report on knowledge payment, pointing out that the current overall economic scale of this Russia Cell Phone Number field is expecte to reach 30-50 billion yuan. Becoming a “new outlet”. On June 15, Huaxing Capital also issue a document on Tiger Sniff claiming that the knowledge payment market is  Russia Cell Phone Numberexpecte to reach a scale of 150 billion:The knowledge payment industry is expecte to have Russia Cell Phone Number a potential revenue scale of 32 billion in 2020. And the corresponding platform profit has a potential of nearly 5 billion

No Matter Russia Cell Phone Number Which Field.

The competition of platforms and the eagerness of creators are naturally surging, but when knowledge practitioners land on the highland of “knowledge payment”. They must also Facing the triple “Rashomon”. One Heavy Door: Here Comes the Wolf May 15, 2017: Luo Yonghao, CEO of Hammer Technology, joine the Russia Cell Phone Number paid column with “Dry Goods Diary”. Which was officially “incorporate” by Luo Zhenyu. June 13, 2017: Gao Xiaosong’s paid audio program “Short and Big Tightly Pointing to the Russia Cell Phone Number North” was officially launche on Dragonfly FM. The program had 156 episodes in the first Russia Cell Phone Number year, and it cost 200 yuan for its exclusive broadcast on Dragonfly FM. June 19. 2017: Teacher Li Yinhe, who predicte the disappearance of marriage at the Qihua Conference.

The Competition Russia Cell Phone Number of Platforms.

Russia Cell Phone Number
Russia Cell Phone Number

There are many active celebrities on the App: Li Xiaolai, Wan Weigang, Wu Bofan, He Caitou… As well as the most powerful brain and Ma Dong’s wonderful heavenly group promote by Himalayas… It can be seen that there has always been Russia Cell Phone Number a threshold for knowledge payment. Those who can seize the “window bonus” of paying for knowledge will always be “professionals” who bring their own “fans”; of course, the Russia Cell Phone Number threshold for Himalaya.  Zhihu, and points may be lower, but it also requires you to “bring your own” flow”. Knowledge payment is a “high-end paid product” create by Luo Zhenyu’s “anti-exit” WeChat Russia Cell Phone Number ecosystem to win over “Liangshan (get)” on “knowledge content elites”. Naturally, in this “everyone is a self-media” era Then “pick” the media people for a while.

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