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In this case, you can only resort to the judicial route and the resolution will be a judicial sentence . It is advisable that both spouses want to collaborate in the dissolution of the marriage and reach an agreement through the regulatory agreement. In this case, a document or contract must be signe where each of the legal issues to be taken into account before a divorce is establishe. The difference with the sentence is that it allows each of the clauses containe in this contract to be negotiatd between the parties. In this way, FLEXIBILITY and greater DETAIL are achieve in the clauses of the agreement.

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It is recommende that the regulatory agreement be drafte by a specialist who anticipates any problems that may arise during its term. In civil law, if a clause is illegitimate, no matter how much an agreement has been signe; You can invalidate that Bulgaria Phone Number List clause and continue the signe agreement only with the provisions that are legal. For this reason, it is advisable that it be draw up by a legal professional, be it a lawyer or a notary. Therefore, the regulatory agreement is that document sign by the parties after a period of negotiation where all these legal issues to be take into account in a divorce are agree; while the judicial sentence is a resolution determin by a judge after a judicial process.

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When can a notary process a divorce? Since , it is possible to dissolve a marriage before a notary. To do this, this legal professional must ensure that four requirements are met: ) That the divorce be by mutual agreement . If there is no mutual agreement, it cannot be processe this way. ) That they do not have minor or disabld children. If there are minor children or children who are disable, they must be mentione in the regulatory agreement. In these cases, it can only be processe judicially. . ) Have been marrid for more than months . ) Although the notary manages the divorce, a lawyer must always be present . There are ways to resolve a divorce dispute Currently, the Spanish Legal System establishes two ways to resolve a divorce.

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