The Important Thing Is To Compare Your Own Rate

From one period to another, from one campaign to another and to learn useful lessons for your progress. The average basket (or AOV for Average Order Value) = total turnover/number of sales (or orders). This indicator, which indicates the average amount of an act of purchase on your site, above all makes it possible to analyze the performance of cross-selling and complementary sales. To guarantee a high average basket, you have to focus on the user journey and push attractive offers. The abandonment rate % of shopping cart abandonments are linked to hidden delivery costs ultimately deemed too high.

To overcome this it is important

To inform about the delivery conditions (delays and costs), the terms of return and reimbursement well in advance. Payment solutions can also discourage a buyer who is denied their preferred payment method. If your rate is too high, think about Denmark Cell Phone Number List testing your site, make sure there are no technical problems especially on mobile. The lifetime value of a customer (or LTV Life Time Value) = Average value of orders x Number of sales x Average duration of the relationship This indicator makes it possible to estimate the turnover that a customer can generate and therefore to calculate the most relevant acquisition cost, or even to arbitrate between recruitment and retention. Finally, the lifetime value of a customer also adds value to your business.

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Customer retention rate End Customers

New Customers Initial Customers x Loyalty is strategic not only in terms of turnover (repurchases), but also because a loyal customer takes an active DP Leads interest in your business and gladly recommend. It is essential to analyze the activation levers of acquired customers, but also what pushes them to leave in order to implement corrective actions. The return on investment (or ROI Return on investment) = gain or loss of the investment – cost of the investment / cost of the investment This indicator offers the possibility of evaluating the return on an investment. This is a major criterion that allows you to measure the effectiveness of a campaign, but also the economic relevance of your online store. What’s new in terms of KPIs.

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