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In reality, everyone who holds positions where there are legislative changes ( accountants , lawyers , tax advisors , legal advisors have to be continuously update. What is the cost of the Certification? The price of the exam to obtain the DPD certification depends on the entity that performs it. Prices can range from €500 to €800. Before contracting a DPD course, make sure that said entity is accredite by the ENAC. And what is the cost for training in data protection? Here prices vary even more.

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We can find courses for €100, €1,000 and even €5,000. Depending on the years of experience you have in data protection, you will need to justify more or fewer hours of training. Logically, these prices vary depending on the quality of the Jordan Phone Number List school, the modality (face-to-face, semi-face-to-face or online) and the number of hours of training. Normally, those who justify a professional experience of 3 years in the sector, will only need a training of 60 hours in relation to the subjects of the scheme to have adequate training for DPD. Those professionals who have 2 years of professional experience in data protection need 100 hours of training.

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While those who do not have professional experience need training of at least 180 hours in relation to the subjects of the scheme. Personal and communication skills One of the skills that a DPO must develop in order to carry out their function properly is the ability to communicate; because one of its functions is to train employees and managers and advise them so that they do not breach the Data Protection Law. Therefore, it is essential to know how to explain the legal requirements in simple language; as well as knowing how to launch messages that generate concrete actions. In addition, you must be willing to help all elements of the company and its users.

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