The Giants Are Not Switzerland Cell Phone Number Creating Unmanned

First of all, from the general trend of the development of the entire Internet industry, online traffic has become more and more expensive. So the combination of online products and offline scenarios has become the key. So as to create a connection between online and offline and people; secondly, the development of mobile Switzerland Cell Phone Number payment. The expansion of offline payment scenarios provides them with hardware costs and reduces user education costs; third, the giants do not create unmanne supermarkets for Switzerland Cell Phone Number retail sales. As part of the giants’ retail layout. The key lies in the Data grabbing. In the past two days, Jack Ma’s father’s unmanne supermarket has attracte another wave of attention. Attracting a burst of enthusiasm in the Internet industry and the retail industry. In early June this year.

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On July 3, “Binguo Box” announce the completion of a series A financing of more than 100 million yuan, le by GGV Jiyuan Capital, Qiming Venture Capital, Source Code Capital, Yintai Capital and other institutions. The American Switzerland Cell Phone Number retail giant Amazon launche AmazonGo, an unmanne convenience store, in 2016, but it is still limite to Amazon’s Seattle headquarters for employees to test and use, and not for external Switzerland Cell Phone Number development. Innovation Works has announce the completion of the 30 million yuan A+ round of financing for the F5 future store. Wahaha also announce that it will build an unmanne convenience store. After the sharing economy, the unmanne supermarket project with the coat of AI may become the next outlet .

On July 3, Switzerland Cell Phone Number “binguo Box.

Switzerland Cell Phone Number
Switzerland Cell Phone Number

When entering the store for the first time, open Taobao and scan the QR code at the door to enter the store. Once inside, you don’t need to take out your phone for the entire journey. After entering, it is found that it is divide into Switzerland Cell Phone Number a supermarket area and a dining order area. The two areas are bille slightly differently. The food and beverage ordering area, because it is special, has a waiter. When you order, you just stand Switzerland Cell Phone Number at the bottom of the screen, and the order number and remaining time will be displaye above your head. If it has been done, it will display: No. XX, please take the order.nspur, they can make this market more sticky and make the conversion rate of knowledge higher. In addition, many vertical knowledge payment is still in a “gap period”, and the market lacks a large number of high-quality content of sub-categories, .

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