The First Anniversary Luxembourg Cell Phone Number of Knowledge

In the first place, Behind the life and death of Q&A is the evolutionary history of the Internet community. In the past year, countless players have poure into the paid knowledge market. After several rounds of product iterations. Q&A, the most “oldest” product Luxembourg Cell Phone Number form of knowledge payment. Unexpectedly showe strong vitality. Recently, Toutiao’s Toutiao channel was rename “Wukong Q&A”. This is today’s Toutiao Luxembourg Cell Phone Number launching its own. Independent brand again after Toutiao Video was rename “Watermelon Video”. Before that, on the first anniversary of Toutiao Q&A. The Wukong Q&A app has Luxembourg Cell Phone Number been launche on the APP STORE and Android stores. Just like the Douyin APP that suddenly became popular some time ago.

Behind the Life Luxembourg Cell Phone Number and .

However, As of March this year, the total number of users of Toutiao Q&A exceede 50 million, the average daily number of questions exceede 10,000, the average daily number of answers reache 100,000. And the average daily reading Luxembourg Cell Phone Number volume was around 150 million. For Toutiao. The most direct consideration for launching Q&A is to supplement UGC content in addition to news information, and the deeper Luxembourg Cell Phone Number plan is to use the form of Q&A to build knowledge communities and social Luxembourg Cell Phone Number relationships, thereby enhancing user loyalty. As Liu Chen, Marketing Director of Wukong Q&A, said, users have no particular loyalty to viewing information. “But if you build a community, and there are friends. Fans and followers in the community, users will not easily go to other places to operate.

As of March Luxembourg Cell Phone Number This Year.

Luxembourg Cell Phone Number
Luxembourg Cell Phone Number

As soon as ,In addition to Toutiao’s own development needs. Liu Chen also told the author that many post-80s generation still miss the more equal and interactive community atmosphere in the BBS or Tieba era. We feel the need for traditional Luxembourg Cell Phone Number communities has always been there. And we want to fill that need.” Wu Lujia, the founder of Xiaomiquan. Also like to go to forums and communities. In his view. The Luxembourg Cell Phone Number poor mobile experience of traditional. Community products and the difficulty Luxembourg Cell Phone Number in capturing the time of user fragmentation are the direct reasons that community products fall behind in the mobile tide. “But the community is valuable. The community is just gradually fading. And there is still a chance to pick it up.” The sub-answer that emerge last year through the trend of paying for knowledge .

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