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Strategies related to content or content marketing are very advanced today: companies are looking for and want to distribute increasingly relevant and optimized content. The vast majority of B2B marketers have understood this, since 90% practice some form of content strategy, consciously or not. Concretely, this translates into writing articles, a strategy related to social networks, as well as updates to a blog. The main reason for this content marketing remains brand awareness; closely monitor the acquisition of new customers and their loyalty. Budgets allocated to content strategies account for about a quarter of all marketing spend; this figure is higher among small businesses.

Google Is the Greenest Tech

We also note that more than 60% of companies outsource this function, and that Finland Phone Number this share is increasing over one year. When we look at the types of content linked to these strategies, we realize that they are very varied: marketers use diversified techniques to reach a wider audience via different channels. In an infographic, find the content strategies of large companies, and the tools mainly used by start-ups. Greenpeace has just published its ranking of the greenest high-tech companies: the . This top 20 takes into account reductions in pollution and CO2 emissions, the ecological impact of data centers and IT and telecom equipment, as well as investment in communication in favor of ecological commitment.

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Finland Phone Number List

This progression (Google was 4th in 2010 and 6th in 2009) is partly explaine by the significant investment of. The search engine in the field of energy impact with the opening of ecological data centers. But this first place is also linke to the lower investment of other companies in. The IT sector which, according to Greenpeace, would have less clearly affirme. That polluting energies were responsible for climate change and would have contribute. Less to bringing this debate to all levels of government in the Unite States. Unite. Clearly, it is above all their lesser lobbying activity that would have cause them to lose first place on the podium in favor of Google.

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