The Essence of Algeria Cell Phone Number Business Warfare Is a Battle

In the case of homogeneous competition, capital and product innovation should not be the focus of brands. Establishing a differentiate cognition and giving consumers a reason to choose a certain brand over an opponent is the Algeria Cell Phone Number core of the current competition in the share bicycle market. In June 2017, Mobike receive US$600 million in E-round financing. On July 6. Ofo announce the completion of a new round Algeria Cell Phone Number of financing of over US$700 million. Making the single financing of share bicycles a new high! The current valuations of Mobike and ofo are both over 10 billion yuan. And the total industry financing amount Algeria Cell Phone Number is close to 13 billion yuan! In less than 3 years. Entrepreneurs swarme up, 45 companies fought.

In the Case of Algeria Cell Phone Number Homogeneous.

In 2017, the number of users continue to grow significantly, and it may reach 50 million by the end of the year! On June 13, 2017. Chongqing “Wukong Bicycle” became the first player to withdraw from the market after struggling Algeria Cell Phone Number for 5 months; Eight days after the incident. The unknown 3Vbike has attracte wide attention due to the announcement that it will stop operating due to “a large number of bicycle thefts”. From Algeria Cell Phone Number February 26, 2017, it was put into operation to June 21, 2017. And its survival time was only 4 months! Starting from April and May 2017, information from bicycle manufacturers and purchasers from all over the world shows that, except ofo and Mobike, almost all share bicycles have Algeria Cell Phone Number begun to significantly reduce production .

In 2017, the Algeria Cell Phone Number Number of Users.

Algeria Cell Phone Number
Algeria Cell Phone Number

Under the fierce competition, what is the ultimate battlefield of PK for share bicycle companies? Is it so simple and rude to spend money on financing to grab the market? ! Since June 2017, Tencent chairman and CEO Ma Huateng. Who Algeria Cell Phone Number investe in Mobike, and ofo’s A-round investor and Jinshajiang Venture Capital’s founding investor Zhu Xiaohu exchange views on WeChat, the debate about who is the boss of share bicycles has been rampant. Although sloppy guards the calf and disagrees on who is the boss, they all agree that Algeria Cell Phone Number market share is the core of judging the quality of competition. For example. Zhu Xiaohu believes that ofo has a dominant number of users. And Ma Huateng believes that Mobike’s WeChat payment Algeria Cell Phone Number data is dominant. Both of which are competing for market share with different dimensions.

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