The Death of Seo Why You Shouldn’t Believe It

For a few months, it has been fashionable to announce the death of natural referencing. Overtaken by the success of social media, supplanted by advertising, tainted by dishonesty, SEO would be dying, and would eventually become useless. We do not know where this craze for pronouncing the funeral oration of referencing comes from, but the birds of bad omen are a little too quick to announce his death. If successive filters and algorithm modifications at Google have had to push SEOs to modify their methods, to refine their techniques, it’s a bit normal: SEO is not a fixed science.

Click on the Infographic to See It in a Readable Way

Tired of observing these vain predictions, the specialized site  has produced an infographic Switzerland Phone Number List containing the arguments of opponents of SEO.  translated it into French. There is a typology of people announcing the death of SEO: between social media gurus, customers who have purchased poor SEO services, bloggers or even simple trolls, everyone is there! Some famous figures representing these various categories of people are presented, as well as their arguments and the (bad) reasons they have for thinking that SEO is going to die. Then come the counter-arguments. It’s clear and effective.

What Are the Sources of Revenue for

Switzerland Phone Number List
Switzerland Phone Number List

If you want to know the main sources of income of a company, nothing could be simpler. For each actor presented, the site also provides additional information on the model adopted. And also indicates whether the business is profitable or not. Which is by no means the case for everyone, of course. The information is systematically sourced, with one or more links to recent articles dealing with the subject. A good point for , who designed this site! It is possible to sort all these companies by type of activity (e-commerce, social media. Search engines, etc.) or even by category of sources of income. A clear and effective site.

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