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The advantage that lawyers have is that all people always need legal advice from a professional before launching a project . Entrepreneurs may contact us so that we can lead the legal department for this project. In these negotiations we may not really charge for those services, but we may get social shares or percentages base on sales. It is another way of making a living. In fact, this type of project is nice because you can learn a lot from other professionals. Each one of them adds value to that project so that it succeeds. If you do, it is a great satisfaction to have participate in it. Of course, if you are going to collaborate with other professionals, please do not make the frequent mistakes that exist.

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Read this article where you will learn these lessons. empathy map Steps to define your entrepreneurial challenge The threats that endanger your personal brand ) It serves to attract new customers for your business Logically, the purpose of creating a brand image for your law firm should be to obtain clients to boost your business. This does not mean that Afghanistan Phone Number List you make a hard sell. I personally don’t like those marketing tactics; but if you can create content, make your followers fall in love and when they have a problem they will go to a good professional. If you have done well, that professional is you. To do this, create videos, guides, tips, etc. Do not copy what other professionals do, do what nobody does and I assure you that you will appear in the first positions of the search engines.

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The new generations increasingly look for oppositions of the services they want to consume. If they appear in the first positions of Google or You Tube, in the end you will capture those people. I encourage you to apply the / law, that is, sell % of your interventions and add value in % of your publications. ) Reassure your customers with reviews and testimonials In addition, by creating a website and a brand for your business, you will be able to have a criticism and review system so that all customers who wish to do so can assess the experience they have had when enjoying your services . It is true that in the legal world people are more reluctant to make assessments and; to share the publications that we elaborate.

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