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But for Renren and QQ alumni, it a bit late to enter. Also, the pan-social market. In 2009, when the school network was renamed to Renren, other comprehensive social networking sites already had a large number of users, and Malaysia Phone Number the instant. Also, social software QQ also began to be favored by the market. Moreover, the transformation of the intranet not. Also, entirely proactive, and a large part of the reason was that the first batch of high-quality users. Also, went out of the campus to the society, and the intranet had to expand its scope. Even QQ alumni. Also, supported by QQ users transformed into a friend network in 2011. Failure to deploy the pan-social. Also, market in advance to seize resources, and failure to grasp the social advantages of living. Also, within the campus, caused the two major campus social networking sites to lose their wives and soldiers.

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Secondly, the failure to catch up with the trend. Also, of Internet mobilization is another driving force behind the decline of campus Malaysia Phone Number social platforms. As early as July 2012, a report released. Also, by CNNIC showed that mobile phones have surpassed. Also, PCs to become the largest Internet terminal for Chinese netizens. Obviously, the social networking. Also, platform has not realized this, or has not paid enough attention to it. It is not difficult to find that several of the most. Also, popular social software have made the user experience on the mobile. Also, terminal in time a few years ago. It is a common problem of social networking sites that the mobile terminal is not well done, and campus social networking sites are no exception.

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Malaysia Phone Number List
Malaysia Phone Number List

Finally, poor user experience is the biggest blow. Also, to the loss of campus website users. It stands to reason that the school social Malaysia Phone Number networking site. Also, accumulated a large number of users through the game of “stealing vegetables” in the early stage, and it robbed of the market by mobile software in a short period of time. The problem lies in the campus. Also, website platform itself: pop-up advertisements everywhere, setting a limit on the number of friends, and machine customer service that frequently sends messages to interrupt, all of which bring. Also, users an extremely bad experience. In addition, there are too few original content in the campus community, and boring articles often dominate the headlines, which reduces the interest of users.



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