The Consequences for Companies: a Necessary Voice

No surprise: it is to Google that candidates turn first and foremost in search of information. The search engine is use 95% of people who engage in small business investigations. Quite logically, the websites of the targete companies are also popular (75%). On the other hand, if we talk a lot about the harm that social networks can cause in terms of e-reputation, the danger is ultimately less with regard to the search for information during the application process. Personal social networks (Facebook and Twitter) are only use for these purposes by 11% of candidates. Searches are certainly extremely frequent, but the contribution of information, comments and opinions by Internet users is much lower.

Deployment of the Employer Brand Are Laid

Only 10% of the people we surveye said they take part in work-relate discussions Kazakhstan Phone Number on the Internet. And when they do, it is mainly on professional social networks (71%) that the conversations take place, as well as on forums (50%). Companies therefore have everything to gain from being aware of this state of play in terms of employer branding. To deprive yourself of applications because of bad traces online, it’s a shame. What could these traces be? Poor assessments by disgruntle former employees, old press articles on past cases… But as our survey shows, in the end few Internet users actively participate in conversations about companies. The risk of negative traces is reduce.

If the Company Is Not Very Active in Terms

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Kazakhstan Phone Number List

Even if observing the existing situation is necessary to know how people talk about their company as a recruiter, the task will be less complex than when multiple and negative discussions have already been produce. It’s hard to master what you haven’t written yourself! However, even if it is rare, negative content strongly discourages candidates from applying, as seen above. know what has been said.If the company is not very active in terms of employer branding and recruitment 2.0, candidates will undoubtedly come up against a lack of information, or outdate information, which does not really reflect the spirit and

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