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About Release it is essential to include a paragraph with summary information about. The company and a link to its website. 8. Contacts In addition, it is essential to enter the press officer’s direct contact details. Namely Name, E-mail Address and Direct Telephone Contact for or interview/further information request. 9. Image by a good illustrative photo/image and associated. With the message (in the last case, a photo of those responsible or of the company’s headquarters). This facilitates the work of the journalist, as any news when it is published needs a visual element.

The media are important supports to reinforce the credibility, “authority” and notoriety of companies. It is, therefore, essential for any company in the IT field to maintain a good relationship and a regular presence in for its market. In order to be assiduous in the media that make the most sense for your IT company and your target market, it is important to hire a press service . Only in this way can you ensure that journalists listen to what you have to say and pay attention to the message your company wants to convey.

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Advantages of hiring an external Press Relations service Professionals who know. The most relevant means for each company Privileged contacts. With the most Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists influential journalists Follow-up permanente Follow-up of all editorial issues Suggestion of topics. Formats and articles best suited to each medium of communication and marketing agencies are made up of former journalists, many of them specialized and with a vast portfolio of contacts from colleagues and former colleagues. Contact between colleagues, is, as a rule, much more effective with regard.

On the other hand, the use of modern research and clipping tools make much more efficient and fruitful, guaranteeing better results for all clients and better optimization of time and work. Specialized press office and specific markets , the importance of the press office is even greater. This is because the range of relevant media is more restricted and closed and the influence needed to capture their attention is much greater. In these areas, it is even more important to know in depth what is important to each medium , which formats are best suited to each support and what type of information from each customer may be more relevant to each of the media. To learn more about outsourcing Press Relations, check out our offer .

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Any technology company has the ambition to see its successes published in the media. Relations with the media are an essential means. For publishing success stories and news about the steps forward that you are taking on your business path. In this sense, the most important thing in relations with journalists is the strategy to be followed. But it is in the implementation of this strategy that mistakes and harmful actions can happen to the company. Given the specificity of the market, these errors are very common in the Information Technology sector.

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