The Company Book, Another Way to Illustrate the Employer Brand

In the age of social networks, a traditional support makes it possible to illustrate the life of the company and the employer brand in a different way: the photographic book. This is what Unikbook offers with a concept that has already won over several major brands such as Triballat, Stokomani and the Yves Rocher Group. Books that focus above all on the impact of portraits and tailor-made graphic creation. “I have no ready-made recipe. When I arrive in a company, I don’t yet know how I’m going to go about it, what means I’m going to favor. I adapt to people, places, universes. In the end, my photographs result from these exchanges.

Highlighting the Uniqueness of Each Employee

 First of all, I strive to highlight the uniqueness of each employee and what they Chile Phone Number bring to the company,” explains Gwénaël Saliou, photographer and member of the Unikbook collective. We always offer clean graphics that can be adapted to any communication policy and highlight the strengths of each company,” adds Cécile Gibbes, graphic designer for the Unikbook collective. The company book thus makes it possible to meet multiple objectives: to promote the employees who participate in its development; demonstrate skills and know-how; share the passion for a job; retain customers, partners, suppliers, or offer an original gift for birthdays or seminars, etc.

It’s Been Almost a Year Since the News Broke. Generic

Chile Phone Number List
Chile Phone Number List

It’s been almost a year since the news broke. Generic (GTLD for Generic Top Level Domains) will open and new extensions will arrive. While there are currently only about twenty (.com, .net, .biz…) if. We exclude the geographical extensions (.fr, .de, .be,…), the web landscape should change. From 2013 with hundreds or even thousands of new features. A call for applications was made, closed on April 12th. The list of requests was made public today by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

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