The Challenges of the Social Web in Interview With Cyril Rimbaud

We are pleased to welcome Cyril Rimbaud, also known by his blogger pseudonym, , to the blog today . Those who frequent the blogosphere linked to social media and the web know them well. His frank and well-argued speeches, his rants and his vision of digital territories make him a fascinating interlocutor when it comes to new ways of communicating. It must be said that with more than 15 years of web experience and having co-founded the agency , he knows what he is talking about. My name is Cyril Rimbaud, I am 40 years old, and I have been working on the Internet for 18 years, having practiced or rubbed shoulders.

Hello Cyril, Can You Start by Introducing Yourself

With almost all the professions that have built and are still building the network we know today. . I have also been a professor at CELSA for 5 years, a right-to-left France Phone Number List lecturer, and I founded the Curiouser Laboratory 4 years ago, for brands and companies that consider the Internet as something more than just an advertising channel.  Because lost brands, without landmarks and desperately seeking solutions to. Communicate on the Internet are godsend for these sales consultants. Who sell them tools that the brand has no need for, leaving the customer in the dark about what what he is doing.

Curiouser Does the Opposite

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Curiouser does the opposite. Our entirely educational approach trains our clients to understand all the implications of what they do on the Internet. We work with them in participatory workshops to create the digital strategy. They need, to reach the targets necessary for their commercial, marketing or advertising actions. We are therefore not judges and parties. We help, accompany, and make the brand more curious, and therefore more aware of what is happening on the Internet. Afterwards, the company has all the cards in hand to work with whoever it wants to achieve its strategy.

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