The Candidate Experience, Showcase of the Employer Brand

The candidate experience, the experience of an applicant during the different stages of his relationship with a potential employer, contributes to the image of the company. If this experience is bad, the candidate will not necessarily want to go through with the recruitment process and may even become a negative prescriber with his network. The candidate experience must therefore be taken into account in the construction of an employer brand. To achieve this, Franck La Pinta, Web Marketing and HR 2.0 Manager at Société Générale, advises adapting the discourse according to the expectations of candidates according to the concept of “life cycle” borrowed from marketing techniques.

What Does the Term Candidate Experience

These are also sometimes more ephemeral contacts: the difficulties encountere in the act of applying, contact on social networks, or more importantly Singapore Phone Number List such as the way in which the candidate is receive during an interview. And there the small details can have a big influence on the feeling of the candidate: were the premises comfortable? Was the access plan sent precise enough? was the candidate receive on time? So many signals that will build the candidate’s perception and make him want, or not, to continue the process (we are here in the achievement of the operational objective), but also strongly mark the image he has of company, all the more so if the process does not end with recruitment, which is statistically the most frequent case.

The Candidate Experience Is the Set of

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Yes, and the difficulty is that different company representatives are involve in this “candidate life cycle”. Companies do not necessarily control all the points of contact between. The candidate and the employer brand, and the candidate also expects a personal. More human, and therefore necessarily more subjective discourse. Wanting to control everything is a utopia and is certainly not. The solution: you have to know how to trust your teams. We cannot speak of collaborator-ambassadors and at the same time only want clones. Another important element of this experience is to consider the temporality of this relationship, by questioning the upstream phases. We can then define 3 phases that will help define the actions to  implemente. The types of content to  develope.

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