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Here we need to analyze the original traditional traders in the industry chain, and what is their value and role in the industry. What are Spain Phone Number the number of levels, degree. Also, of dispersion, gross profit, value, demand points, etc. in the circulation link? For example, generally speaking, the customer’s demand points are: price, finding. Also, goods, time, quality, logistics, billing period, and so on. Similar customer Spain Phone Number demand points will. Also, produce similar operational priorities, and the operation mechanism of the corresponding. Also, link can be copied for reference. For example, in industries with obvious timeliness requirements, inventory or. Also, upstream inventory control and sorting logistics capabilities are more important. In industries with obvious quality requirements.

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The selection mechanism of upstream suppliers. Also, and the resources of high-quality suppliers are the key. In the industry that. Also, needs to find goods and select products, sales services and databases are the core points. For Spain Phone Number example, industrial products, fabrics, electronic components and other fields have more or less such needs, but they do not exist in the field of oil products. Therefore, there are differences in the team structure and human efficiency of Zouyou and Baibu, and the background systems and databases are also very different. And so on, we grab some similar key points in different industries and find commonalities that can be replicated in different industries.

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Spain Phone Number List
Spain Phone Number List

In the past two Spain Phone Number years, I have seen. Also, a very intuitive comparison in the B2B field. Capital has been tepid after all, but the traditional industry has become more and more popular. One is that business is getting harder and harder. And labor costs and rental costs are getting higher and higher. When it is no longer an era of lying down to make money, everyone will start to think of new ways; the second is young people, the older generation of businessmen. Descendants continue to take over, and the new generation will bring new shocks; third, it sounds a bit funny but it makes people think, and I have heard several traders in different industries say to me: I think this old man (Platform CEO) will be Jack Ma of our industry in the future. If you don’t do business with him, you will be left behind!

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