The Best Ads From the Super Bowl a Major American

The Super Bowl final, a major American football championship, took place yesterday. As every year, the show is not only on the field, and the disproportionate audiences are the occasion for the advertisers to diffuse the most creative advertisements, carried out especially for the Super Bowl. We know that the advertisements of the final will be seen, commented on, shared and analyzed a good number of times. Whether or not we are sensitive to advertising videos, this year again, the Super Bowl offered us its share of nuggets! Here is a small selection. The Volkswagen video already has more than 14 million views on Youtube. An apprentice Darth Vader who tries to master the force against the backdrop of Imperial March, the recipe seems quite simple, but quite effective.

The National Football League

The Super Bowl is a relatively frequent subject for American series, which almost all Ukraine Phone Number have devoted at least one episode to this event. The NFL has compiled the best “Super Bowl moments” from our favorite series. Can you recognize them all. Eminem isn’t too fond of appearing in commercials, and he explains why in this video. This does not prevent him, moreover, from appearing twice in the Super Bowl (this one, therefore, and. Motorola took advantage of the Super Bowl to present its touchscreen tablet under.

Eminem Isn’t Too Fond of Appearing

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Ukraine Phone Number List

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