The Best Ads From the Super Bowl One of the Most

Last night was the Super Bowl final, one of the most watched and commented on events in the United States. Even if you’re not passionate about American football, there are still a few reasons to watch the Superbowl: the spectacle is spectacular. This year, performed the halftime show. The Superbowl final is also a godsend for advertisers: with a hundred million viewers, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your message across to as many people as possible… and the Superbowl commercials are at least as commented on as the game results. We remember, for example, thehis mini-Darth Vader which caused a sensation last year. Here is a small selection of Superbowl 2012 commercials! you can also watch all the commercials broadcast during the final on the.

New Volkswagen Commercial

Volkswagen’s Star Wars ad was one of the most viewed last year. The buzz Georgia Phone Number created by this tribute to the cult film had been quite impressive. This is likely to continue this year when we see this teaser for upcoming ads during the Super Bowl, an event during which we usually see the  . This time, it’s a choir of dogs that sticks to it by intoning the anthem of the film while barking. It’s simply huge, it changes cats. No doubt we will hear a lot about it in the coming weeks. You too, join The Bark Side. Edit: a few days after the teaser, here comes the real Volkswagen Superbowl ad! Indeed, we find there dog and… Star Wars – watch until the end. The circle is complete .

Employer Brand and Recruitment

Georgia Phone Number List
Georgia Phone Number List

Last November, we organized a week devoted to recruitment 2.0 and the development of the employer brand on social media. Experiences of companies adopting an original approach, analytical articles, practical tools have enriched the discussion around these themes which are much talked about at the moment. We have brought together all these fascinating contributions in an ebook: Employer branding and recruitment 2.0, examples and good practices. Recruitment on social media is therefore approached under different aspects, which we wanted to be complementary. Happy reading, and a big thank you to all the participants

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