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Welcome to Watch: The Artifact is Coming The purpose of this column is to collect the major artifacts that product managers and operating babies need. And recommend them every Monday. Source: Qidianxueyuan College Mexico Cell Phone Number (WeChat public account: qidianxueyuan666 )The 2nd Artifact is here! Recommended artifact: Similar web Artifact of the week: similar web Artifact address:  Recommender: Senior  Mexico Cell Phone Number Operation Director of, Instructor of Qiqiu College @ JingqiuMain purpose: When Mexico Cell Phone Number analyzing competitive products, understand the traffic of competing websites. Source and export of website traffic, page quality, etc. The homepage looks like this ↑↑ When I see the English page. I ask if you are afraid? Don’t worry.

Welcome Mexico Cell Phone Number to Watch.

I will talk about it in detail below. It will not use the level of English level 4Point 1 : Enter the address of the website you want to view in the search box. The mobile APP will also be displaye synchronously. This time. Take Jingdong Mexico Cell Phone Number as an example. After entering it, press Enter. No need to talk about this~However, monkey. The data on the similar web page is more informative, and the mobile data should be viewe on other Mexico Cell Phone Number platforms~After the page is loade, you will see the ranking of  in the world, in China, and in its category. Just take a look at this. Let’s focus on the following, look down~Focus 2: How to check the traffic flow. Visit time, number of pages visite and bounce rate On the left side of the figure below is the access traffic: you can see that after the Spring Festival comes back.

I Will Talk About Mexico Cell Phone Number It in Detail.

Mexico Cell Phone Number
Mexico Cell Phone Number

The traffic has increase, but it is not as good as in November and December ~ think about it and know that there are no festivals recently. By June. The traffic situation will go up. Jingdong 618~The right side shows the number Mexico Cell Phone Number of visits, visit time, pages visite, and bounce rate. Compare with your own website. Think about why other people’s data is high and low. Maybe you can find the direction Mexico Cell Phone Number of optimization. Focus 3: Composition of traffic sources The data here is the most concerne about the operating market~We can see the sources of traffic to Channel sources are Mexico Cell Phone Number the highest. Followe by direct URL visits and search visits. Sibusi would like to know what these sources specifically include and what are they compose of? similar web tells you right away. Pull down.

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